Book Genres as Ice-Cream Flavours

We are very much Experiencing Summer here in the UK, which means I’m almost always thinking about eating ice-cream which means you get this post. No further explanation necessary?


Simple, classic…better in a different form than whatever state of matter ice-cream is. Chocolate ice-cream is like poetry. Sure it reads nicely, but isn’t poetry meant to be spoken?


Who doesn’t love a classic that goes with everything? Beaches, airports, Sunday afternoons at your local cafe. That’s right, this one is 100% thrillers.


Nobody likes strawberry ice-cream, surely? Then again, there’s always a niche. Like books about military history.

Cookies and Cream

In contrast, doesn’t everyone love this ice-cream? It’s nothing but romance. Two pieces that were made for each other…

Mint Choc Chip

Oddly divisive? Not special enough to be this divisive. Just like the influx of self-help literature.


A (delicious) acquired taste. You don’t know how good it is until you’re obsessed, i.e. fantasy fiction.

Cookie Dough

Solid choice, can’t go wrong, always go back. Narrative non-fiction.


This flavour tastes good in every form, but it can be a little bit too strong sometimes, just like sci-fi.

If you got this far, feel free to tell me how incorrect my ice-cream opinions are! 😅



  1. You bet I’m going to tell you how incorrect your ice-cream opinions are, Rabeeah! 🤣😜 Excuse me, but chocolate and strawberry are some of the best flavors out there!! Whereas vanilla and cookie dough… hmm, they’re edible, but very bland 🤔 And coffee is just about the most disgusting flavor I can think of! 😬

    However, since you paired my favorite genre with pistachio ice-cream, I think I’m willing to forgive 😄 Although in my opinion, the very best flavor (hazelnut) tops even that!

    Also, I just love that you paired mint chocolate chip with self-help literature because, I have to say, I’m one of those people who is skeptical about both 😁 I’m a grumpy twat, apparently 😂

    Anyway, I loved this post, it was super fun to read! (Even if it did give me terrible ice cream cravings…)

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    • I gave myself ice cream cravings while writing this, so I’m glad you shared that pain 😓

      I can’t believe I forgot to include hazelnut! Perhaps I’ll have to write a part two, as I won’t disagree with you there 🤔 even though you’re calling my positive choices bland flavours 😤

      I just don’t get the mint choc chip/self-help hype, but perhaps I haven’t sampled it enough 😂

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